Social Capital

More and more organisations are discovering that the social interactions and relationships we have are part of an “invisible glue” that makes it possible to get things done.  This glue, the space between our connections, is Social Capital.

Social Capital is created when the relations among and between people change in ways that facilitate action. A group whose members manifest trustworthiness and place extensive trust in one another will be able to accomplish much more than a comparable group lacking that trustworthiness”.

Social Capital refers to the things available to you through your personal and business networks: resources like information, business opportunities, collaboration, sales leads, employment, goodwill and emotional support.  Social capital is about the alliances we genuinely foster and build, the day to day partners who help us create success through reciprocity, mutual respect, generosity and trust.

Social capital is the currency of connections. It’s the investment you make when you network and the resource you draw from when you ask for or offer help. Social Capital works because “it leverages your other capital, putting your physical and human resources in touch with other people who amplify it.” When fully developed, Social Capital is as valuable as money in the bank.

Start a conversation in the Company of Others. Build your Social Capital and encourage  others to build theirs. Promote common good for business and the community.


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