What we’re on about

Everything you achieve in life happens with and through other people.

Think about this for a moment.

Think about all the help you received from your parents when you were young; from all the teachers and the coaches. If you went to university think about the help you got from your tutors and lecturers and from your fellow students. In your employment you rely on the effort of others to send you work and to complete the work you do. Very, very few people work in complete isolation – and God help them if they do.

All through life you will come to depend on others to get the things you want.  The great myth of individualism is just that – a myth. More stuff gets done more often because of the collective effort of many, many people.  Almost every where you go and in almost everything you do, you will find yourself in the Company of Others.

Despite how obvious and important this is we don’t always work well together. We don’t always get the best out of each other and out the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Imagine how much easier everything would be if we could all do just one small thing to help each other achieve the things each of us are looking for.

We believe that to improve our lot in life, we have to learn to trust each other more. To collaborate better and to look for and recognise opportunity for others when it presents. The opportunity for a transaction to occur is much more likely if we think of gaining outcomes for our friends and colleagues than it would if we are always looking to gain advantage for ourselves.

Of course its normal and healthy to seek reward at some point but the kind of outcome we’re looking for we might simply call ‘win-win’. And the irony of this is,  it is simple.

Sometimes to get the things you want, you just have to help enough people to get the things they want. Sometimes your interests are best served by serving the interests of others. If you believe this, act on it and take it to its logical conclusion it means when you collaborate with others they are getting what they want by helping you get what you want. They are serving their best interests by serving your interests:  win-win.

The philosophy we want to encourage is best described by the phrase:

“If we all come to the table expecting to be fed it will be a famine. If we all bring something to eat, it will be a feast.”

Spend time in The Company of Others, build trust and understanding, encourage diversity and participation and your conversations will be the catalyst for collaboration, ideas and innovation.

The Company of Others is the best place to be. The sooner you realise this the better off you’ll be.

So join us, and benefit from The Company of Others.


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